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Handwoven Pet Bed with Lid

Handwoven Pet Bed with Lid
Handwoven Pet Bed with Lid


Handwoven Pet Bed with Lid

Product Description:

Discover this exclusive, handwoven pet bed, designed to provide the perfect home for your beloved pet. Every detail of this product reflects premium quality and meticulous craftsmanship.


  • Width: 65 cm
  • Depth: 45 cm
  • Height: 50 cm

Materials and Colors:

  • Basket: The bed is made from sturdy and durable materials, ensuring that your pet feels secure and comfortable within. The basket is colored in a pristine white, providing a clean and elegant appearance, seamlessly fitting into any interior decor.
  • Lining: The inner lining of the bed is soft and comfortable, colored in a contrasting gray. This complements the white basket beautifully. Your pet will adore the warm and cozy feel of the lining.

Additional Features:

  • Lid: Thanks to its lidded design, this pet bed offers a little private nook for your pet, where they can relax or hide away.
  • Handwoven: The basket is crafted using handwoven techniques, guaranteeing a unique appearance and superior quality.
  • Easy to Clean: The design of the bed allows for easy cleaning, ensuring it always remains fresh and clean for your pet.

We recommend this pet bed for every pet owner who not only values the comfort of their pet but also cherishes the style of their home.

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