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Wicker screen

Wicker screen
Wicker screen


Wicker screens in several sizes.

Choose the size that suits you best!


Elegant, easily adjustable screen made of natural material.

The screen can be used as an elegant room divider to separate large spaces in the home such as rooms, living room or terrace.

Alkalmazható szállodákban és éttermekben, ahol nyugalmat biztosít a vendégek és az ügyfelek részére.

In larger office spaces, it allows the separation of workstations.


They are weather-resistant, which makes them ideal for placing in the garden, on the balcony or terrace. They protect us from the wind, the sun and prying eyes.


The screen is very easy to keep clean.

Dust can be removed with a damp cloth, for heavier soiling use a fine-bristled brush.


Our partition products are made to order.

Expected delivery time 2-3 weeks!

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